Trademark Renewal

Just like copyright and patent, a trademark of any company or service also needs renewal. All the owners of any business carrying a trademark must take care of the fact that in order to keep their federal trademark registered, they must remember to file an application for the renewal of their trademark at set intervals prescribed by the government of India. 

In case you fail to do so, during the set time, the concerned authority has the right to cancel your trademark. And, in that situation, you have to get a new trademark for your company all over again, which may take a lot of your time and energy. So, try to keep up with the correct dates and time for the renewal process. Generally, a trademark is valid for a time span of 10 years after which you should get it renewed by filling an application form. 

Under normal circumstances, the time taken for this process from filling of the form for renewal to the document submission and verification is- about 5-10 working days. 

Why get your trademark renewed?

  • You get to use an authenticated trademark for your company for next 10 years. 
  • Also, if your trademark is renewed and registered, you have the right to ask for legal protection in case a similar trademark is used by any other person/company. 

Renewing your trademark

The application for trademark Renewal- is filed under Trade Marks Registry, and a registrar from this department sends a prior notice to remind you of the fact that your trademark registration is going to expire. You can fill the form available online on the official site and the fees charged for the same is 4000 rupees. 

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