Trademark Registration / Consultant in Delhi India

We all are aware of the importance of trademark for a company. It is the logo which distinguishes one company's product from that of the other companies. Now, getting your company's trademark registered ensures you of the fact that no other company in the market is going to use the same logo for their own business. 

By registering the trademark for your company you get a legal sanction from the government for protecting the trademark rights of your company. A registered trademark is an inseparable part of a company and it provides a security to the investments made by the company for promotions and marketing. For trademark objection lawyer in Delhi, trademark registration in India, trademark consultant in Delhi India we will be best options for you.

Trademark Registration Process

  • First of all, as the owner of the company, you need to fill a form or an application to put in the request for the trademark registration. 
  • After this, the concerned authority checks to find out if there is any company which might be using the same trademark or not. In case of ambiguity, you will be notified. 
  • After checking the exclusiveness of the trademark provided by you, the authority will send you an authorized letter which must be signed by you. It must be returned to the registrar. 
  • This letter gives your lawyer the authority to file an application for the trademark registration. 
  • Once the application filing and submission process are done along with other required documents, all the papers are verified by the trademarks office. An objection might be raised in the case where your trademark has any similarity with other existing trademarks or if it might hurt feelings of any particular class, religion etc in the society. 
  • You pay the required fees. One thing to note here is that you may have to pay extra fees in case of any objections raised by the government. 
  • In case of objection, you have to take your lawyer to the Registrar to present your case and hearing is held for the same. 
  • You are notified when your trademark gets registered by the concerned authority. 

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