Trademark Objection

A trademark is an expression which is unique to a product or a service and it distinguishes it from others. It may be in the form of a color, sign, symbol, slogan or word. 

But, owing to certain issues the concerned authorities involved in proceeding the trademark application can object a particular trademark application. This is done under the circumstances where the application submitted by any owner does not meet any legal rules related to trademark registration, given by the court of law.

Why your trademark can face objection?

  • There are various reasons which can lead to trademark objection, and some of them include- 
  • One of the common problem is- some point of similarity or clash between two logos or symbols of two different products and services. 
  • Or, any logo, slogan which can hurt the sentiments of any religious or minority group in India. 
  • Or, it may be inappropriate for the people of certain age. 

What to do if your trademark is objected?

If as an owner of any venture you receive a trademark objection from the Registrar's office, you must not panic instead be relaxed about the whole situation. In fact, before submitting the application for trademark registration, keep in mind that the authority can raise questions related to it. 

Secondly, you must have enough and effective proofs that will show that you have not copied the logo or symbol from anywhere. If it is concerned with the religious sentiment perspective, try to convince them with the basic idea and aim of your company and the trademark you choose. 

Also, trademark objection is a positive thing for you, as in the end you come up with an entirely unique and different trademark for your service and it ultimately helps you to stand out among other competitors. 

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