Section 8 Company Registration

We all are aware of the fact that India is a developing country and there are several sectors like health, education etc. which still need attention. Unfortunately, the central government cannot address each issue at grass root level. This creates a need for an organization which can work on behalf of the government or helps them in improving the conditions of our society. 

Such organizations are termed as the non-government organization. Such organizations need legal sanctity and therefore they are registered under Section 8 of the Companies Act 2013. The profits generated by these organizations can only be used to promote works mentioned under the various clauses of this Act like- Section 8(1)(b) etc. The rules and regulations mentioned in this Act are regulated and managed by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs. 

Section 8 Company Registration Process

  • You have to start with filling an online portal of MCA and then you receive a Digital Signature, which is required for secure submission of the document electronically. 
  • Then, one has to obtain the DIN or Director Identification Number by giving an application for the same to the concerned authority. Along with the form you need to submit your address proof and identity proof as well. 
  • The checking and approving of DIN application are done by the regional Director of MCA and its office staff. The required documents submitted for DIN must be attested by a CA or Company Secretary. 
  • Then, in order to get the name approved by your organization, you have to present 6 options in preference order. One name is chosen by the MCA authority. 
  • Next step involves obtaining of Constitutional documents namely- Memorandum of Association and Article of Association. The request for the same is filed as a draft and all the required documents are attached to it. Required documents are- 
  •  E- Application or form
  •  Required fee
  • Statement of all the assets
  • Name, address, of all the employees or company, etc. 

This finishes the work of registration and your concerned organization gets a legal sanction from the Government of India. 

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