Proprietorship Company Registration in Delhi

Sole proprietary is a business entity and one of the most common practices of business in India. This concept is mainly utilized by micro to small businesses which are categorized as un-organized sectors. 

Getting Proprietorship registration is quite easy in India by best proprietorship company registration firm in Delhi - "Legal-N-Tax Advisory". The entire process is very simple with no hassle. The fees one is required to pay for this procedure is affordable and economical.

Now, why is it necessary to get proprietary registration in India when one is starting a new business? The answer to this question is that this kind of legal registration is done for testing the new business models and their validity on a legal basis.

 For the process of Sole Proprietorship Registration, at least one person is required. But this person must be a crucial part of the business and must have all the required knowledge about it. In legal terms, this person is known as the Sole Proprietor, who is usually the owner or the CEO of the business. Sole Proprietor can also be hired by the owner of a certain business and is entitled as the employee of that particular firm. But he/she has no authority to sign the legal documents of the registration. This can only be done by the owner. 

Process of Proprietary Registration

The process of Proprietary Registration is explained as follows:

  • Local government has to issue a local license information of the business. This license lets the firm open a bank account in Company's Name.
  • Tax registration or GST registration which may be done online. 
  • Submission of all the legal documents like PAN card, CA certification, bank account details etc. to the required government authority. 
  • If your documents are verified then the request for opening a firm is accepted and you are issued with the permission for the same.

Nowadays, everything is going digital under our honorable Prime Minister's Digital India scheme, and Firm Registration process also has gone online and one can complete all the proceedings from their home only. 

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