GST Tax & Accounting

GST or Goods and Services Tax was recently introduced in India by the current government. It is a form of an indirect tax which replaced the earlier existing multiple forms of taxes imposed by the central and the state government.

Every individual who is a taxpayer must get registered under the GST and one should try to maintain all the records and files associated with his/her business. It is the responsibility of the owner, every transporter, and operator of a warehouse to maintain a Tax account under GST. Also, a business whose turnover is more than 2 crores should get their GST account evaluated by a certified Chartered Accountant. 

Following are the records which must be maintained under the GST-

  • Record of stock of goods one produces and manufactures
  • Record of outward and inward supply of goods and services
  • Record of tax paid and output tax payable, etc.

GST is sought to bring a lot of clarity in the accounting arena of every business. Thus the business owner must try to follow all the rules related to it, thoroughly. 

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